Friday, June 22, 2012

Swatch x Dia De Los Muertos

Im not sure what evoked Swish watch maker Swatch to team up with a festival taken place on the other side of the world but due to Swatch popularity within the US and other countries, Im sure they are trying to reach the Mexican market; and what better way to do so by teaming up with one of mexicans most popular yearly festivals, Dia De Los Muertos aka Day of the Dead. This isnt the first we have seen a collaboration with Dia De Los Muertos, Nike Sb also teamed with the festival back in 2006 with the highly demand SB Lows. The Dia de Muertos (GZ269), a Gent Originals, evokes traditional elements associated with this enormously popular festival. On a black dial framed by a 34 mm black plastic case and black silicone strap, white skulls with highlights in red, purple, pink, light blue and green mock death and celebrate the joys of life. Dia de Muertos comes in a special sleeve decorated, like the watch, with white skulls highlighted by a child’s bright colours, floating in the dark. The watch is available now at Swatch for just $60. Purchase it here.

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