Friday, June 15, 2012

D3ave Interviews Smooth Tip

If you never heard of the name Smooth Tip, Im sure you have seen his custom work all over your favorite sneaker blog. Smooth Tip, founder of Smooth Tip Productions just recently customized a pair of Carolina Foamposites into the Miami Nights colorway, which was featured on popular sneaker blog/store NiceKicks. Not only does his business customize sneakers but they also do sneaker restoration, artbrush art and graphic design. Well, D3adstock Ave had the opportunity to chat it up with Smooth Tip and get the 411 the talented customizer. Check it out!!!

D3:What's your artistic name?
ST:My artist name is SmoothTip and my company is Smooth Tip Productions. 
D3:Where are you from?
ST:I was born on Frankfurt, Germany, but most of my childhood was in Fayetteville, NC (where J Cole is From) 
D3:How long have you been an artist and what inspired you? (Artists or paintings)       ST:Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I have been drawing. I was inspired by comics & cartoons when I was elementary. I evolved more into music & fashion as my inspirations once i got into highschool. 
D3:What is your favorite sneaker?
ST:The AirMax Uptempo in black/lime green. 
D3:As a custom artist, what do you like to do to raise the bar and stand out from others who customize?
ST:There are alot of great artist I grown to appreciate like SBTG, Sekure D, Mache, and Jor 1. But I think what stands me out is that I come from a Airbrush background. I was airbrushing portraits and murals before I focused on sneakers and digital design.  
D3:What is by far is your favorite customization you have done?                             ST:My OutKast dunks I did a few years back. 
D3:Where can the readers find your work or get a hold of you for work?               ST:You can go to my website at

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