Sunday, January 16, 2011

dont ask just BUY!!

Mahvee clothing is the hottest brand out there and they just keep goin hard at it...the Thomas brothers luke and kemson are the 2 goin the hardest to dress the sneaker culture with the best of the best in exclusive styles and colorways....we been good friends for a little over a year and I can personally say "fly or fall" in other words fucks wit mahvee or kick rocks barefooted!!! they started off the year with a bang with the two colorways they dropped on the "dont ask just look" line of tees with a banger for the lebron preheats and for the release of the white cement the hottest brand n break necks at the mall,school,barbershop,stripclub, or anywhere you can be seen!!! clink the link under to visit their site


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

we comin back HARD!!!!!!

as most ppl are sayin "new year new me" us here at D3 screamin out "new year more bang" we comin into 2011 heavy wit all kinds of stuff like D3 snapbacks, dxc appearances n photshoots!!!! be ready we takin over!!!