Friday, July 30, 2010

Andre, Wearin' Copper Foamposites.

Wale, Wearin' '09 True Blues.

J. Cole, Rockin' A Olympic 7's.

Terrence, Rockin' Motorsport 6's.

Fat Joe, Wearing Copper Foamposites.


Nelson Mandela x Hype Means Nothing

Here is the latest t-shirt that Hype Means Nothing put together. Its available now on there website HMN.

Curren$y performs Full ‘Pilot Talk’ Album from Thank God I'm Famous on Vimeo.


Mr. Hudson – Love Never Dies

Mr. Hudson - Love Never Dies by Hypetrak

This is Mr. Hudson's track for Kanye's upcoming mixtape "G.O.O.D Ass Mixtape."

Pharrell Williams x Harley-Davidson

Pharrell Spot For Harley-Davidson from Team Satten on Vimeo.

I can honestly say, Pharrell is probably the most hard-working man in hollywood. He just released the lookbook for his fall/winter collection for BBC, his N.E.R.D album is about to drop soon, and he also did the score for the movie "Dispicable Me." Now I ask, what inspired him to collaborate with Harley Davidson? I can say because he's ambitious but hopefully one day I can get to ask him.

Nardwaur Interviews Drake!!!!

So, this Nardwaur guy is probably the best interviewer in the world. He digs deep into celebritiy lives and finds information only a few people know about. Here is an interview he did the Drake. It's Hilarious.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wale – The Eyes of The Tiger

I cant wait for this mixtape to release. One week away for "More about Nothing" to release and Wale leaks this out. Why is he teasing me like this?



It must be amazing to work with Kanye West. Hopefully he can do a collab with D3adstock.....hey, you never know.

Kanye West x Facebook

So, who knew Mr. West was a businessman. Here is a video of Kanye presenting some new music from his upcoming album, "Good Ass Job." He seems passionate about it as usual.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Drake & Nicki Performing 'Bedrock'


Don. C

September 14th is slated to be a very big day for G.O.O.D. Music from what we’re hearing. Kanye West and a few of his label mates are still the music limelight; however, Don.C, the G.O.O.D. Music manager, probably receives the least amount of attention as he sits back and makes everything happen. Yet, that didn’t stop Complex from noticing his wide array of sneaker heat.

Over the years, Don.C has been spotted in everything from Jordans to Bapes to high-fashion Lanvins. Does he own a better sneaker collection than Kanye? Maybe not.


Footwear Faceoff: Luda v.s. Flo Rida

Luda's rockin' a clean pair of CDP Taxi 12's ;
While Flo Rida rocks it out with a pair of Toro Bravo 5's.


Bring out the inner beast


Big Sean x Weekend Recap 9 (Going Back To Cali)





Some lame ass kid walks on stage while Cudi is performing and gets confronted by him afterwards. Check it out. Does this make Cudi a goon? lol

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here are a few t-shirts that Johnny Cupcakes dropped for the summer. I don't expect these be available forever so get your hands on them at Johnny Cupcake online store.

Cool Cats x Starter Cap 2010

Last week I posted a limited edition Cool Cats snapback that sold in minutes. I expect this one to fly as well. Well, it maybe a little longer because there are only 300 of these made. They are available now at

Moving Creations: Kydd- Crew 54 Mixtape Release Party Performance.

This is my homeboy Josh artist "Kydd." Check out the video and tell me what you think.


TI$A $hoe Commercial Preview

TI$A x $hoe Commercial x Preview:: from ti$a vi$ion tv on Vimeo.





For a long time I've been thinking about getting my beard like this. I know it takes probably quite awhile but its well worth it. Tell me what you think.


These are some fly Varsity Jackets from BKc (Brooklyn Circus) one of my favorite brands. I hold them back from you guys because I really dig their style. Check them out: BROOKLYN CIRCUS



Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I rarely post sneakers on here lately but i had to put these bad boys up. These are a beautiful colorway on the Air max 97s. These are set to release sometime in August.

Curren$y Dissed Air Jordan Fusions!!!!

You know D3adstock has never been fans of the fusions. I guess we werent the only ones....Hilarious

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan x Kaws for Complex

Even though the poor girl is about to be put in jail for a few months, she has graced the cover of the August/September issue of Complex Magazine; along with Kaws designs featured all over the place. Check out the video to see more.

Diggy Interviews Skateboard P!!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Can you believe this bad boy stands about 10 feet tall? I dont think the kids are gonna like this Barney very much.



The designers for this piece "Os Gemeos" are getting prepared for their "Don't Believe the Hype" collection at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition starts July 18th and the Brazilian twins wasted no time in creating this 5 story piece.
via hypebeast

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool Cats x Starter “Smut” Cap

This snapback is inspired by Ice T's lyrics from his "Hawaian Smut" track and his limited to only 120 pieces. Remember, the price is in Euro's so dont think that's how much it really cost. Its like $100. I love Cool Cats but ill stick to my 20 to 40 dollar snapbacks. Not gonna lie, this is a dope hat. Available now at Cool Cats.


Big Sean - What U Doin (Bullshittin)


Monday, July 12, 2010

O__O ok this is a little too much lol


Who is better according to "BACK DOOR" jordan ;)



DE LA SOL forces??? O_o Is that what he really said??

Big Boi will always be Big Boi... fail once... fail always.... please someone help Big Boi with his SB knowledge you would think with all that cash he can buy himself some knowledge on what he so claims is his sneaker fetish...


The Consquences


SOLEFLY asked us as grown men to end the beef.....

"The owner of SOLE FLY and I had a 2 hour conversation as grown ass men last night at 2 am... no one back down, we worked as adults and came to a conclusion how this can effect both of us on the short run and long run.. In other words D3AVE and SOLE FLY HAVE NO PROBLEMS!!! it was all a miss communication... " -CUSTOMZ

so PLEASE in behalf of SOLE FLY and team d3adstock and most importantly ME! take it easy on the remarks and comments... and for those who supported the fact that i was disrespected thank you. for the love and support... but i think SOLE FLY I HAVE COME TO AN AGREEMENT AND WE ARE BOTH AT PEACE....


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The painting SOLE FLY didn't let me finish is now FINISHED ;)


My appearence @ SOLE FLY!!!! Epic fail in their behalf....

When i heard about the SOLE FLY's opening i felt this could be the perfect chance to show half of Miami that I'm just not a writer on d3adstock nor a shoe collector.. so I hit them up...and i spoke to one of the employees there.... he took down my information and said he was going to call me back that same day with an answer.... THEY NEVER CALLED.... so i don't jump to conclusions... i put a link of their Facebook page showing my status and the many people wanting to see me out their... in my head I'm like "These people are most def going to want me there..." THEY DELETE THE POST..... that's when i lost my cool.....

After one of the owner's which is the cooler one hit me up "This is Danny the owner.Let me know if there is a problem as I am not aware of any of this...thanks D." I explained to him my situation and why i was mad... he apologized so i was like okay ill give them the benefit of doubt.... I end up painting at SOLE FLY.... they give me a little section their under the roof saying it would be a better view for those who would be watching me paint.... 4 hours go by the sun is kicking as well as the heat... I see everyone in the store coming in with water bottles with not a dot of sweat of their faces due to the AC and store they were in.... I ask around and the bouncer gets me one....
all i kept getting were the words from them like "WOW" "AMAZING" KEEP IT UP" ALMOST DONE" where the fuck are the "HEY ARE YOU OK?" " WOULD YOU LIKE A WATER?" "WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME IN" mind you they are doing nothing to entertain the public my painting was the only entertainment i was doing out there....

Between 4 to 5 pm the rain brakes out... making me pick up my stuff.... and had to put it aside.... not once did anyone ask me if I wanted to go in...MIND YOU IM THE FUCKING ARTIST.... so i get pissed and i walk inside right by the bouncer.... and chill inside 20 mins later they kick me out.... i was like WTF is this....Im thinking im suppose to be in there.... so i tell them can i at least get my painting in there so it don't get wet.... they tell me " WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH THIS" mind you these guy has to be fucking retarded..... i just finished telling him to put it away... i tell him put it in the back... 2 hours later the rain goes away i tell em "CAN I FINISH MY PAINTING???" You will not guess what they tell me...


When i heard this I was shocked... then my hate came out and started to get hot....
I ask can I get my painting and backpack... I get a "Can you pick it up tomorrow??...."
Im not leaving with out my stuff.. mind you my Nikon is in my bag....
they would tell me Ill go get it... so they would keep me from seeing Jordan even tho i saw the man already when i caught a breather.... They hand me all my stuff all pissed off like their the ones that are pissed off.... I get into a verbal fight with one of the "GROUPIES" that things he owns SOLE FLY...

After all of this.... I got interviewed by 3 websites...... and was given cards too... and met wonderful people ill be working with.... so SOLE FLY lost... and I won... in reality...

By the way SOLE FLY tell your "Want to be Owners to keep your mouth shut with those threats cause i wont be doing the knocking at your store the police will with my police report" ;)



"Grand Opening!!!!.. Guest Appearance Michael Jordan!!!!" were the words of the owners and "employee" of Sole Fly... Last time I checked a grand opening meant an invitation to a store for people to take a look, appreciate, and buy merchandise.... well Sole fly should have made it more specific too their customers and a little bit more sincere Saturday afternoon.... Sole Fly kept details of the Jordan appearance to to a minimum for a reason... too built a big audience... "RUMORS" were put out by people that were associated with SOLE FLY... those who bought anniversary Jordan's would have the chance of getting them signed... V.I.P would be able to see and meet Michael Jordan... or the best one of all of them the people will get to see Michael Jordan.... well none of this happened.... SOLE FLY should have posted on there site "Grand Opening for SOLE FLY family members and friends only".....

People made the line for well over 10 the hot sizzling sun to the heavy rain fall and can't forget the thunderstorms... age group from 3 years old to elder folks... half of these people waited in line to buy sneakers and exclusive Miami wade county shirts and etc... The store was packed with family members and friends while they starred at those in the pouring rain waiting to get in... They would keep repeating their is no space in the store....but then again they continued to bring friends and family in as loyal Jordan fans kept complaining.... Of course theirs no space in the store it's packed with rich white stuck up people.... after 10 hours of waiting Michael Jordan shows up.... comes in through the back door... the word spread fast... the crowd starts to react.... Mind you this event was not allowed to be filmed by the News.... Channel 10 was forced to leave the premises... they used the excuse of Michael Jordan will not show up... now i know why they really didn't want them their... because they knew what was really going to go down and they didn't want the negative feedback or peoples reaction all over the news... once Michael Jordan got there friends were forced to leave the create space... they would later let them in little by little to get to meet them.... 4 regular people were let into the store.... that were next to the door... and one was let in because she was pregnant...

Those who got in were not allowed to direct their attention to MJ, ask any questions, or announce yourself to him... all you could do is walk ten feet away from him and hope you caught a good shot since they wouldn't let you stop... this is coming from the 4 people that saw him... and were able to take a shot at him with their camera or cellphones....
They were rumors the AC broke down.... and people inside started to complain.... i forgot rich people are use to AC...... in less than 15 seconds the word broke out Michael Jordan left... through the back door due to the "HEAT" inside the store... this is coming room the "Greatest" player to play the game... People could not believe what they had just witnessed.... kids dripping in water from the rain were crying as parents started to complain.... The police couldn't take control of the people... Even the officers knew the fucked up shit they did... that's why the officers really didn't care much of the crowd outside after..... Employees screamed and even harassed people that were complaining....


Stay loyal to your shoe gallery