Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dunkxchange Ft. Lauderdale Recap

If you werent there, you missed out on all the heat being sold at dunkxchange ft. lauderdale. Of course d3adstock ave was in the building selling everything you can think of. But we werent the only ones, check out the pics from the event and lets see if we can convince you to come next month. Check em out.






After a long day at work, I rushed to the meet n greet on South Beach to get an opportunity to grab a limited edition Futura x Hennessy bottle and meet Futura in person but i got there seconds too late to see the entire event. Luckily, upon arriving to the liquor store, guess who I see sitting outside smoking a cigerette? Yes, Futura, haunted by the shadow of his 6 foot 300 pound body guard. I walked up to the legendary graffiti artist and explained to him how much a huge fan I was and the reason behind my tardiness. He saw the concern in my eyes and informed me to hurry up and grab a bottle and he will sign it for me. I was too excited but I would have been more excited if the body guard knew how to take pics. Anyways, i made it in time to grab a drink or two. Check out the pics from jump.



Sorry guys, I know we havent been updating you on what we have been doing and we truly apologize. We have been working hard on giving you guys the best experience possible and gettng to know D3 a little bit more. I know these pics late but check pics from Dunkxchange Miami. The event was as success like always and so much heat was there for the taking. Check out pics from jump.

Thursday, October 11, 2012